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All Our Stories

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Presented by Jess Fairfax & Leah Avene
next on air Monday, 6 March 2017 - 1:00pm to 3:00pm

Presented by Jess Fairfax & Leah Avene, All Our Stories uses the palatable medium of music, literature, theatre and poetry as a genesis for discussion around identity, untold histories, human rights and the power of story as an expression of who we are.

The show is shaped by the musicians, activists, historians, poets and passionate minds who grace the microphone each week to tell, share and represent their own voices, demonstrating that our cultural narrative and identity is not singular, but made up of many interweaving stories and sounds.

Sonically the show carries ancient wisdom and tradition through contemporary roots, reggae, hip hop and spoken word, paying respect to their role in allowing us to voice identity and cultivate culture.

First Monday of the Month: All The Best on All Our Stories - broadcasting audio stories, soundscapes, personal narrative and documentaries from All The Best storytelling broadcast

Second Monday of the Month: Cookin' Up Community - stories, music and food demonstrations from Melbourne's culturally diverse communities

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