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The Breakdown deep funk, soul & hip hop with DJ Manchild, Fri 3:00pm - 5:00pm
Stone Love soul, rock & hip hop with Richie 1250, Fri 5:00pm - 7:00pm
Twistin' Fever r&b & trash with Matt McFetridge, Fri 7:00pm - 8:00pm
Smoke and Mirrors disco, boogie & house with CC:DISCO!, Fri 8:00pm - 10:00pm

PBS Membership Benefits

Why support PBS?

PBS is a station about music. We keep you in touch with what is happening in your scene, locally and abroad, with interviews and live performances every week…PBS keeps everyone in the loop and contributes to keeping Melbourne the creative city it is with music at its core.

Sounds great? Here’s the catch – we need your support to make this all possible!

Everyone who becomes a PBS Member* receives these great benefits:

  • PBS Easey magazine home delivered twice a year
  • Special Member entry price to PBS events
  • Exclusive member giveaways of tickets, CDs and more throughout the year
  • Great music from a great radio station that supports and promotes music and music making


a PBS Pack, which includes:

  • A PBS Member Discount Card, which provides discounts to more than 100 businesses and services around town
  • A bumper sticker
  • Best of Studio 5 Live compilation (while stocks last)
  • Choose from one of two exclusive PBS compilation CDs or downloads:

    DAYTIME DIP is a compilation of tracks that are a little more laid-back with a mix of everything from acoustic roots-based music, through blues, world music, funk and soul. The 'Daytime Dip' compilation reflects much of the music you can expect to hear during the day on PBS.

    1: Tinpan Orange – Rich Man
    2: Nick Waterhouse – If You Want Trouble
    3: Quarter Street – La Quarter Llego
    4: Memeza Africa – Senzeni
    5: Xylouris White – Pendozali
    6: Alice Ivy – Mean Man's Bite (Ft. Chloe Beckwith)
    7: Sampa The Great – Weoo
    8: Royalty Noise – Rolling
    9: The Sugarcanes – Never Trust A Girl In Love
    10: The Seven Ups – No Compromise
    11: Jess Ribeiro – Hurry Back To Love
    12: Saint Jude – St. Claire
    13: Chris Russell's Chicken Walk – Drive All Night

    NIGHT SWIM is a compilation that reflects the harder edge of PBS content. From garage to doom to heavy electro vibes, from punk-rock to metal and some epic synth & guitar grooves, the 'Night Swim' compilation will suit those who like their music loud.

    1: Gold Class – Life As A Gun
    2: Wet Lips – Money
    3: Cable Ties – The Producer
    4: Oblivians – Blew My Cool
    5: Batpiss – Human
    6: Deafwish – Pain
    7: Spray Paint – Day Of The Rope
    8: Little Desert – Captive
    9: friendships – Paradise
    10: War Pigs – Rock Climber
    11: Vampillia – Sea
    12: Seedy Jeezus – Into The Midnight Sun
    13. Demonhead – Bring On The Doom
    14. Taipan Tiger Girls – Untitled


* Membership is not refundable.

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