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Karavana Flamenca in the Global Village

Global Village for Sunday 6 April 2014

Lisa and Miguel Ovejero from Karavana Flamenca will visit the Global Village this afternoon (late in the program) to chat and perhaps be persuaded to play some flamenca rumba. In addition (and earlier) a long track from Keyvan Chemirani and Pandit Anindo Chatterjee, featuring the voice of Maryam Chemirani.

And a dedication to Renzo Pognant from Felmay Records in Torino, Italy - who has been (and still is) seriously ill. And more: music from Mali, Sweden, Japan, Occitan Italy, Azerbaijan, Turkey, France, Scotland, Spain/Galicia/Pais Vasco, Brasil ... some of it local ...

Listen live in Melbourne on PBS 106.7 from 5 pm to 7 pm today (Sunday 6th April); or elsewhere in the world, or later via Audio Archive, through this website.

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