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End of Year Wrap Up 2016

PBS Volunteers

For many 2016 was a challenging year, a year of change, and one where PBS found itself moving with the times, thanks to the amazing team of volunteers who helped out around the station.

With the help of volunteers PBS reached its goal of shining a light on under-represented music in Melbourne and beyond. Like a yearbook we’ll aim to record, highlight, and commemorate the people at PBS in the past year who made PBS the station we all know.

Thank you to the PBS announcers...
Adriana Lazaridis, Alex Sims, Andy Merkel, Ayda Akcelic, Cat McGauran, Catherine Barker, Chelsea Wilson, Chris Xynos, Chris Neave, Chris Pearson, Claire Dickson, Clare Presser, Courtney Clarke, Crispian Winsor, Daniel Cosgriff, David Heard, Edd Fisher, Elle Young, Emma Peel, Erica Dunn, Ethan Hill, Gary Carson, Gavin Younger, Gerry Koster, Helen Jennings, Ian Parsons, Ian Sutherland, Jamie Suppa, Jan Dale, Janette Pitruzzello, Jen Kingwell, Jess Fairfax, Jesse Nonneman, Jim McLeod, Kenneth Lightfoot, Kev Lobotomi, Lenz Ma, Lloyd Briggs, Lloyd Dewar, Lyndelle Wilkinson, Maddy Mac, Madeline Wright, Matt McFetridge, Matthew Frederick, Maxine Bazely, Michael Mulholland, Mike Gurrieri, Mitch Booth, Monica Hanns, Myles O'Neil-Shaw, Nick Brown, Paddy Harrisson, Patrick Furze, Paul Wadsworth, Peter Fundeis, Peter Bramley, Peter Merrett, Peter Miles, Phil MacDougall, Pierre Baroni, Richard Hebden, Richi Madan, Rick Howe, Roger Holdsworth, Ron Dickinson, Ronan Hamill, Ross Nable, Ruari Currin, Samantha Goldie, Sasha Brookes, Saul Zavarce, Sigrid Hohl, Stani Goma, Steve Passiouras, Susi Lanagan, Tom Sianidis, Tony Irvine, Trent Sterling, Tull Alred, Vince Peach, Wallace Carvalho and Wendy Tonkin

Thank you to the Cross Pollinate announcers and mentors...
Ajak Kwai, Amena Ziard, Areej Nur, Carly Findlay, Emily Gayfer, Fiona Wright, Hannah Donnelly, Jacinta Parsons, Kath Letch, Lydia Fairhall, Namila Benson, Roj Amedi, Shio Otani, Tracee Hutchison and Triana Hernandez Echeverria.

Another great project Beth AQ from the music library led was the IWD broadcast – the first one PBS had done in a long time. Documented by Kerrie Hickin and assisted by Natalie Recalcitrant.

Thank you to the fill-in announcers...
Adam Branson, Adrian Maiolla, Alex K, Amy Chapman, Andrew Murray, Andrew Young, Anthony Tomarchio, Ari Roze, Bryce Lawrence, Campbell McNolty, Crispian Winsor, Damian O'Keefe, Dan Ellison, Dan McMahon, Daniel Siketa, Derek Marr, Desi D, DJ C (Costa), DJ Lady Soul AKA Carol Quinlan, DJ Mz Rizk, Ed Prendergast, Edward Galinovic, Ella Dann-Limon, Evan Carr, Frank Davidson, Gary Laidlaw, Gary Skaman, Glen Morrow, Grace Kindellan, Greg Van Meeuwen, Gus Spence, Jack Kerr, Jacob Marshall, Jamie Lorusso-Zyskind, Jason Goodman, Jay Hambly, Jen Crowley, Joe Reed, John Boothroyd, John Smout, Jonny Hess, Josh Ramselaar, Jure Kodre, Kim Walvisch, Knave Knixx, Matthew Wych Done, Michael Ciccia, Michael Tippett, Mick Stylianou, Milly Davidson, Milo Eastwood, Nat and Dan (Live Evil), Nicola Scurry, Penny O'Brien, Perry Holt, Pradip, Rob Ciolli, Roger Taylor, Ruby Soho, Simon Hughes, Spot Ty, Steve ('Hoops') Hooper, The Professor (Graeme), Timothy Bass, Todd Solomon, Tom Sedunary, Volker Janssen, Yasmin Rupesinghe, Zac Cooper and Zack Hogan.

For a variety of reasons, PBS announcers leave PBS. Thank you and farewell to...
Cat McGauran The Breakfast Spread (3 years)
Jen Kingwell The Piano Has Been Drinking/Glitter and Doom (4 years)
Jeremy Spellacey Ghetto Disco/Cocoa Butter (3 years)
John Carver Across The Tracks (25 years)
Josh Hodson-Smith Peeking Through The Wool (3 years)
Ken Eavel Go For Broke (6.5 years)
Leah Avene All Our Stories (Co-host for 1 year)
Lewis Gittus Space is The Place (2 years)
Moses Iten Space is The Place (4 years)
Perry Holt In the Quiet (3.5 years)
Vanessa Hill The Witching Hour (2 years)
Yonatan Nathanson Break The Chain (approx. 5 years)
Stryka D Break The Chain (12 years)

Welcome to the new PBS announcers new to air this year...
Spotlight on new announcers this year:
Michael O'Shea Tales From the Other Side
Elle Young Tropicalia
Claire Dickson Circling the Sun
Gerry Koster Dizzy Atmosphere (returning)
Catherine Barker Subterranean Chill
Wallace C Fresh Produce
Lloyd Briggs Deeep Space
Alex Sims Interstellar Overdrive
Adriana Lazaridis Opalakia
Patrick Furze Homebrew (co-host)
Crispi Winsor Radio City(returning)
Rick Howe Riddim Yard
Tull Alred Android Discotheque
Ruby Koomen Garageland(returning)
Various - Roj Amedi, Hannah Donnelly, Emily Gayfer, Triana Hernandez Echeverria, Ajak Kwai, Shio Otani and Amena Ziard Cross Pollinate

Announcer Milestones...
Mick Geyer Award 2016 John Carver
CBAA Award Excellence in Music Programming 2016 Rodger Holdsworth of Global Village

5 years
Edd Fisher Tomorrow Land
Ian Parsons The Sound Barrier
Jess Fairfax All Our Stories/Big Mob
Mitch Booth Through The Collapse
Yoni Nathanson Break The Chain on and off for 5 years

10 years
Ian Sutherland with Shaggin' The Night Away

15 years
Kene Lightfoot Burning Bitumen
Jan Dale Southern Style
Myles O‘Neil-Shaw 5ft High and Rising

But as you probably know PBS has a massive team behind the scenes supporting announcers and other station activities such as events, fundraising and more.

Thank you to the volunteers who assisted PBS announcers...
Don Smith, Graham Sewell, John Worham and Steve Montgomery helped Mohair Slim. Judy Jetson, Lee Anne Bowie , Melanie Page, Patsy Donovan, Rita Khayat and Marta Gutierrez assisted Ken Eavel on Go For Broke. John Smout, Katrina Stone and Nick White assisted Jim McLeod on Jazz On Saturday.

There’s a big team working in the Music Library to get the new releases to the announcers, helping organise the interviews, helping communicate the new releases and keeping the library in order. A big thanks goes to...
Abbey Forster Cartmell, Alex Sims, Amy Watson, Carl Lindeberg, Declan James, Hannah Thornell, Iain Swift, Janelle McKenzie, Meg Butler, Richard Walsh, Sarah Occhino, Sophie, Tom Marinelli, Trent Sterling, Vader Fame and Yasmin Ludowyke.

And thanks to the Social Media crew and Interns that helped get the message out...
Aleisha Hall, Simon Schofield, Hannah Thornell, Kobe Roberts, Lachlan Duthie, Savanna Cox and Yasmin Ludowyke.

Now as you probably might know PBS is financially supported by its members and part of the membership package is getting a membership kit which is packed by PBS volunteers. Thanks to these volunteers who helped pack the kits over the year...
Quinn Stokes and Sue McGillvray, Kris Weston, Marty Machine and Marcello Sardo.

And thanks to the Radio Festival volunteers who assisted over at the annual fundraiser taking the calls and packing the kits...
Adrian Molaro, Alecia Cummins, Alex Birnie, Alex Griffin, Alex Solodkin, Alison Dunn, Amy Taylor, Amy Watson, Andy Merkel, Anna Pidgeon, Anthony Hardy, Ayda Akcelic, Barry Fraser, Ben McCreery, Ben Morgan, Ben Smart, Bianca Maes, Brad Knight, Brendan Gartland, Brigid Ryan, Cameron Litchfield, Catherine Gault, Cheryl Scott, Chloe Strahan, Chris Dunn, Chris Pearson, Chris Xynos, Christel Starkey, Claire Stickland, Cloud, Daniel Cosgriff, Daniela De Rose, Danielle Elliston, Darrell Jackson, Dolly Bogatek, Drew Samanta, Edward Terry, Eoin Moran, Errol Tyson, Ethan, Fuzzy, Garry Havrillay, Gary Laidlaw, Gemma Louise Helms, Gerri Ferracane, Grace Graham-Edney, Graham de Hoedt, Graham Taylor, Gretta Olsen, Hannah Thornell, Helen Jennings, Helena Barker, Hilary Martindale, Ian Parsons, Imogen Walsh, Isobel Gordon, Jack Hulse, Jackson Fletcher-Young, Jacqui Picone, Janine Halls, Jeremy Spellacey, Jess Rosenthal, Jimmy Pollock, John Llewellyn, John Smout, Jordan Scofield (aka Miss Kitty), Julian Horman, Julie Ryan, Jurgen Schaub, Kate Randall, Katrina Stone, Kavil Patel, Ken Lee, kerrie loveless, Kim Pottage, Kit B, Kris Weston, Kristen Solury, Lachlan Duthie, Laura Giesen, Lauren Patterson, Lee-Ann Joy, Marcos Benhamu, Maree Prokos, Mary Beech, Mary-Ann Parker, Matthew Trewella, Meg Crawford, Melissa O'Donovan, Michael Mulholland, Michael O'Shea, Michelle Slater, Mischa Barr, Monica Hanns, Monique Pollock, Muhammad Waleed Zafar Khan, Myles O'Neil-Shaw, Myles O'Neil-Shaw, Neill Kamminga, Patrick Harrington, Paul Kidney, Peter Green, Peter Pavlovic, Phil Davies, Quinn Stokes, Rebecca Langley, Rebecca Stone, Rhiannon Birch, Rita Khayat, Robbie Candeloro, Robert Strachan, Rochelle Lade, Rock Chugg, Russell Snibson, Sandra Di Francesco, Sandra Oakley, Sarah Bertie, Sarah Occhino, Sean Lynch, Sean Roberts, Sharyn Broomhead, Sheridan M, Sigrid Hohl, Simon Nuttney, Simone Ferlazzo, Sophie Van Rooyen, Stina Ward, Suz Malcolm, Tahl Kestin, Tal Levitas, Tanya McLaine, Tess Healy, Tess Lawley, Tim O'Leary, Tina, Tony Hasler, Tyler Barr, Vivienne Halat and Xi Diaol.

Events are not just another fundraising stream for a community station, but offer a real chance to reach out and unite music communities, whilst getting the word out about PBS. We held many events over 2016 as diverse as family friendly Rock A Bye Baby to hip Drive Live and Heavy and Hammered, member nights + many more and many volunteers assisted with rolling them out. Thank you to...
Abbey Forster Cartmell, Ashley O'Halloran, Barry Fraser, Benjamin Smart, Beth AQ, Bianca Maes, Brenda Fisher, Bronte Laffin Vines, Carmen Meade, Chas Lempiere, Cheryl Scott, Di Crowther, Elle Young, Elysia Stasi, Gemma Helms, Hannah Thornell, Hilary Martindale, James Moore, Jane Thomas, Jodi Proudman, Jordan Hicks, Jordan Irving, Kate Reynolds, Ken Lee, Kris Weston, Kristine Philipp, Lee Anne Bowie, Louie North, Malcolm Walker, Mara Williams, Mark Ireland, Michael Mulholland, Michael O'Shea, Narelle Sheehan, Nick Jackson, Nicole King, Pete Sampson , Peter Smith and Susan Davis, Rebecca Stone, Ree Maloney, Robbie Candeloro, Samm Sutton, Sandra Di Francesco, Sarah Occhino, Shara Speight, Tanya McClaine, Thomas Marinelli and Tyler Smyth.

Speaking of events, Community Cup is that mid year charity match where the Megahertz play the Rockdogs, money is raised for Reclink and everybody has fun. Thanks to the volunteers who played, supported and assisted this great community event...
Cosi, Cat McGauran (Co-Captain), Monica Hanns, Lyndelle Wilkinson, Bianca Maes, Josie Smart, Beth Atkinson-Quinton, Maddy MacFarlane, Adrian Basso, Simon Hughes, Manchild, Paddy Harrisson, Patrick Furze, , CC Disco (Coach), , Crispi (Spiritual Leader ), Adrian Meade (Support staff), Emma Peel (MC), , Ruari Currin (Commentator), Volunteers, Michael O’Shea, Cade Harrisson, David Fortescue, Meegan Taylor, Sarah Occhino, Jane Brownrigg, Rita Khayat, Bradley Knight, Sandra di Francesco and Jodie Proudman.

And thanks to the artists that help with set decorations, event photos and posters and more...
Bella Gordon, Celia Dent, Greg Tippett, Lisa Dottore, Rhea Caldwell, Ying Wang, Heather MacDonald, Kim Lajoie, Natasha Blankfield, Neil Walker, Sean Fabre-Simmonds, Stavros Sakellaris and Xavier Fennell.

And thanks to the Easey Magazine (bi-annual publication) Contributors...
Alex Sims, Beth AQ, Cam Durnsford, Cat McGauran, DJ J’Nett, Ian Parsons, Jan Dale, Josie Smart, Madi Wright, Mitch Booth, Nick Brown, Paddy Harrison, Sarah Occhino, Sylvie and Takiya, Wendy Tonkin and Jordan Irving.

The office for the not for profit needs a little work, and there have been some people helping out behind the scenes to make sure things are functioning...
Chris Pearson, Denis Kane, Nicholas Uren and Riah Williams and Jeff Henry.

Office assistance in accounts, grants and Board matters...
Anne Kilpatrick, Con Pagonis and David Barnes.

Thanks to our IT volunteers...
Jurgen Schaub and Garry Havrillay and Steve Passiouras

Speaking of the Board who provide PBS with its governance, they are volunteers and we appreciate it! Thanks to...
Adrian Meade, Jess Fairfax, Jurgen Schaub, Justin Naylor, Mike Sewell, Grace Kindellan (elected Nov 2016) and Tess Lawley (elected Nov 2016) and Garry Havrillay, Kirsty Rivers retired from the PBS board in 2016.

And thank you to the Programming Committee...
Chris Pearson, Edd Fisher, Emma Peel, Mike Glover, Myles O’Neil-Shaw, Owen McKern, Richie 1250 and Samantha Goldie.

And we really need to say a huge thank you to our Receptionists who helped keep the office in order during the working week...
Bridget Small, Bronte Laffin Vines, Celia Dent, Chloe Strachan, Elle Young, Emily McLarty, Greta Olsen, Hannah Thornell, Jane Brownrigg, Jodi Proudman, Jordan Hicks, Justin Thomas, Ken Fargher, Kristine Philipp, Liam Robinson, Lillian Simic, Marco Lombardi , Megan Darling, Narelle Sheehan , Nicola Sandercock , Quinn Stokes, Rafal Hassan, Sarah Tonin, Sarah Occhino and Tanya McLaine.

And thanks to the Staff who led PBS for another year. In 2016 they were...
Adrian Basso, Alicia Saye, Bill Runting, Cameron Durnsford, Damian Wiseman, Josie Smart, Kurt Eckardt, Mara Williams, Meg Butler, Owen McKern, Paul Maybury, Romney Shuttleworth, Sarah Blaby, Sarah Pratt, Shelley McNicholl, Yuri Pavlinov and Con Kalamaras and Sam Johnstone were also part of the team that helped pull 2016 together at PBS.

Well that’s about the size of it. Just like the previous years, it was the people who participated at PBS to make it all happen, and the community that surrounds and supports it. We are in awe of the amazing listeners and volunteers who made a contribution. If you want to get involved in PBS in 2017 as a volunteer check here! There’s not really much more to say but THANK YOU from the team at PBS and see you in 2017 for another big year at PBS!

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