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Time for Tilde

The Sound Barrier for Sunday 8 January 2017

One of the things that goes along with a new year coming up on you more quickly than you ever seem to expect it to, is that Melbourne's Tilde New Music Festival similarly surprises you.

Always held near the beginning of the year, this year's Festival takes place at the Testing Grounds in City Road, Southbank, on Saturday 21st January.

Hosted by Tilde New Music and Sound Art, the Festival is one of Melbourne's newest and most adventurous new music events, attracting some of Australia's finest experimental and avant-garde musicians, as well as providing an unprecedented opportunity for audiences to be there while new music is being created, and while new musical ideas are being explored.

This weekend on The Sound Barrier, I will be chatting with Festival organisers, Vincent Giles and Alice Bennett, as well as listening to some music, live in the studio, from one of this year's participants: trumpeter and improviser, Brae Grimes.

I'll also be playing music from a huge range of the Festival's other guests, including Kevan Atkins, Jacques Soddell, Thea Rossen, Vicki Hallett, Ryan Williams, Ben Opie and Phoebe Green.

There are few better ways to kick off a new year than with new music – and so I hope you will join me this Sunday night at 10 PM (AEDT) to do exactly that on Melbourne's PBS Radio – both digital and FM (106.7), or anywhere in the world via the PBS smartphone app or online. The show's audio, along with its playlist, will also be available to check out shortly after it has gone to air.

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