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Southern Style for Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Southern Style : Program Audio for Tuesday 24 January 2017

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Southern Style : Playlist for Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Whitetop Mountaineers live to air

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Southern Style 24/1/17 - Whitetop Mountaineers

1. Red Allen/catnip
2. Red Allen/I’m just here to get my baby out of jail
3. Red Allen/All the good times are past & gone
all - The Folkways Years 1964-1983 (Smithsonian)
4. Tom Saffell/Dear ol’ Dixie/Another lifetime (BMI)
5. Sugar Creek Bluegrass/I’ve endured/Appalachian summer
6. Brian Vollmer/Skillet Licker breakdown/Old time music party (Patuxent)
7. The Bluegrass Flies/Don’t want to work on your farm/Just passing through
8. Frank Maloy, Paul Anastasio, Casey Driscoll & friends/Old Georgia Rag/(Patuxent)
9. Frank Maloy, Paul Anastasio, Casey Driscoll & friends/Paul Aiken Breakdown/(Patuxent)
10. Tellico/Lean into it/Relics & Roses
11. Joe Fontenot/Grand Mamou/Echo Across the field (Tiki Parlour)
12. D.L. Mend & The Louisiana Aces/Lacassine Special/Alligator Stomp (Rhino)
13. Trinity River Band/Things we do for dreams/Things we do for dreams
14. ClayBank/foot of the phoenix/Playing hard to forget (RR)
15. Ofays/Ramblin’ Fever/Mixed Up
16. Bill & The Belles/Magnolia two-step/On Music City Roots
17. High Plains Jamboree/Putting up a front/High Plains Jamboree
18. Robbie Derringer/I know what it means to be lonesome/Robbie Derringer.

The Whitetop Mountaineers - live to air performance & chat

19. Claire Lynch/Milo/North by South (Compass)
20. Rhonda Vincent/Where no cabins fall/Sunday morning Singing
21. She & Cloyd/We shall sleep, but not forever/Equinox
22. Williamson Branch/Never grow old/Branchin out
23. Thomas Porter/Dovetail Jog/Thomas Porter




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