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Club Coco


Friday 3 March 2017

PBS Presents:
Club Coco
Copacabana International, 139 Smith Street Fitzroy, 10pm-3am

Club Coco is a place for dancing, not chin-stroking. Phones may be dropped and tops may come off. For the launch of Club Coco’s 2017 season, CC:DISCO! (Smoke & Mirrors) presents an aural smorgasbord spread across two levels of the Copacabana, but stuffed with many more levels of musical excellence.

Precision party machine Rahaan is one of Chicago’s finest house and disco DJs. He came up in Chicago playing at house parties and clubs in the era of the birth of house music, the early house, the warehouse, where new electronic stuff was mixing with outrageously funky disco classics, social change was fermenting, new connections being made on the dancefloor and DJing was becoming an art form of its own, you know? Rahaan is extremely well-acquainted with those most intimate sweaty parties with bump. A renowned head and a super-hot producer in his own right, we are blessed to receive this bastion of the Chicago underground scene right here in Melbs.

Rich Medina
Who is this guy who leads you across an empty floor, and then slides his glasses down his nose and looks into your eyes with his like, crazily beautiful ones and lays you down on musical satin sheets, fills the floor with other dancers and everyone is sweating together? The man who tips his extremely well-fitted hat to you all before slipping away into the night to drink a smooth but stiff drink? Who was that man with the rare intellect, poet’s soul and deep knowledge of afrobeat? Rich Medina, that’s who.

CC is a dance warrior of great strength and prowess, with the energy to carry a whole dustbowl full of Meredith-goers through to sunrise bliss, or entertain a field of drowned rats at Strawbs even after the equipment has been killed by a thunderstorm (true story!). CC knows. How. To Party.

Frank Booker
Auckland’s humble Disco devotee DJ Frank Booker has a magnificent way with soundwaves! Obsessively well produced edits? Yes indeed. Record nerd-status? Definitely! And, in the most spectacularly rewarding way for the dancefloor. He has been brought our shores by fellow record nerds Crown Ruler; they made special friends through a devotion to deep boogie and disco cuts from around the world - even as far away as New Zealand!

Fine local supports come in varying levels of hairiness and cheekiness:
Edd Fisher (Tomorrowland), Prequel, Manchild (The Breakdown)

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