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Burning Bitumen : Playlist for Friday 24 March 2017

Artist | Track/Song Name | Album Title | Label/Distributor | Comments

Saxon | Stallions of the Highway | Saxon

Speedtrap | Running Rampant | Straight Shooter
Twisted Sister | Under The Blade | Under the Blade
Sodom | Ausgebombt | Agent Orange

Ranger | Storm of Power | Where Evil Dwells
Iron Maiden | Aces High | Powerslave
Virtue | High Treason | We Stand to Fight

Enforcer | Undying Evil | From Beyod
Agent Steel | Agents of Steel | Skeptics Apocalpse
Metallica | Motorbreath | Kill 'em All

Exodus | Strike of the Beast | Bonded by Blood
Queen | Stone Cold Crazy | Sheer Heart Attack
W.A.S.P | Mean Man | The Headless Cross

AC/DC | Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap | Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
Motörhead | I'm So Bad (Baby I Don't Care) | 1916
Jaguar | Axe Crazy | Axe Crazy

Evil Invaders | Fast Loud And Rude | Pulses of Pleasure
Judas Priest | Hell Bent For Leather | Hell Bent For Leather
Overkill | Hammerhead | Feel The Fire

Exciter | Heavy Metal Maniac | Heavy Metal Maniac
Cycle Sluts From Hell | I Wish You Were A Beer | Cycle Sluts From Hell
Venom | Live Like An Angel | Welcome to Hell

Accept | Fast As A Shark | Restless And Wild
Savage Grace | Bound To be Free | Master of Disguise
Destruction | Mad Butcher | Sentence of Death

Slayer | Aggressive Perfector | Haunting The Chapel
Blind Guardian | Run for the Night | Battalions Of Fear
Megadeth | Rattlehead | Killing is My Business...And Business is Good

Speedwolf | I Am Demon | Ride With Death



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