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Oi Dipnoi

Global Village for Sunday 9 April 2017


Dipnoi are living fossils, an order of prehistoric fish that have vestiges of rudimentary lungs. During periods of drought, adapting to the environment, they take refuge in small, moist burrows and can breathe atmospheric oxygen. This is a metaphor that evokes the current music scene in Sicily: in the name of survival…

The Oi Dipnoi trio, formed in 2013, is based in Catania in Sicily. They were born out of the meeting between tradition and innovation: in a constant dialogue in which the assets of the musical culture of the island are given new value.

Valerio Cairone is a multi-instrumentalist who collects the melodies of the region from shepherds, farmers, carters, etc. This original repertoire is developed and sustained by the diatonic accordion, supported by percussion and double bass of Mario Gulisano and Marco Carnemolla, the rhythm section of the band Nakaira. The result is a new sound full of personality, thanks to a charming and light fusion with elements of jazz and progressive archaic folk. This appears on their CD 'Bastrika', released in 2015 on Hungarian label NarRator Records.

Oi Dipnoi will visit the Global Village Tourist Office this Sunday around 6 pm to chat about their music and play some examples live in the studio. They will have just performed at the Piers Festival, and will again be heard in Melbourne this coming Tuesday at Open Studio in Northcote, along with Santa Taranta, before heading to the National Folk Festival in Canberra.

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