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The Sound Barrier prepares for lift off!

The Sound Barrier for Sunday 14 May 2017

The moment this Sunday morphs into Monday morning, and The Sound Barrier switches over to Tales from the Other Side the 2017 PBS Radio Festival will have had lift off.

This year Radio Festival is all about taking that One Small Step into the vast and exciting universe of PBS Membership where great prizes, great music, and great community orbit you everywhere.

But why would you want to leave the safe security of here and now into all that unknown space that lies beyond?

Listen in to this weekend's edition of The Sound Barrier and you'll hear why. You'll hear the oppressive tyranny of modern day commercialism in Ferdinand Kriwet's Voice of America; the crumbling worlds of Jason Lescalleet's Tragedy of Man from his self-decaying album Much to my Demise, and of William Basinki's Disintegration Loops in an extraordinary, but rarely heard, live orchestral performance. There'll be the challenge to escape it all when Anthony Pateras's electroacoustic project Thymolphthalein tells us we can't in You Can't Escape the 20th Century and then, last, the thrill of lift-off when we launch into the sky in Karlheinz Stockhausen's Helicopter String Quartet in a live recording from its 1995 World Premiere in Amsterdam.

Get ready to take the best one step you can ever take by tuning in or logging on this Sunday night at 10.00 PM (AEST) when The Sound Barrier fires up the turbines for a cosmic fortnight as PBS Radio Festival takes you to musical galaxies far, far away.

Remember - One Small Step is all it takes!!

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