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The Sound Barrier for Sunday, 11 June 2017

The Sound Barrier : Program Audio for Sunday 11 June 2017

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The Sound Barrier : Playlist for Sunday, 11 June 2017

Music making friends across the sound barrier!

Artist | Track/Song Name | Album Title | Label/Distibutor | Comments

As usual, composers are listed first on tonight's list, and then the name of the piece, followed by the names of the performers. Album title (where applicable) and release details then follow, and then the duration of the piece at the end.

Iskender Ozan Toprak | For Friendship | Iskender Ozan Toprak (topus); Ben Opie (oboe) | live performance at PBS | 3:23

Ben Opie and Iskender Ozan Toprak talk about their upcoming collaboration

Traditional | Tuireamh Mhic Fhinín Dhuibh | Matthew Horsley (uilleann pipes); Elliot Folvig (electric guitar) | Australian Waters | Matthew Horsley online | 4:02

Matthew Horsley | Spaces Without | Matthew Horsley (uilleann pipes) | private recording courtesy Matthew Horsley | 5:44

Karlheinz Stockhausen | TELEMUSIK | Karlheinz Stockhausen | Stockhausen Complete Edition volume 9 (MIKROPHONIE I; MIKROPHONIE II; TELEMUSIK) | Stockhausen online CD store | 17:30

Vicki Hallett | Elephant Song | Vicki Hallett (clarinets and field recordings) | Elephant Trail | Vicki Hallett's Bandcamp page | 5:12

Interview with Vicki Hallett

Vicki Hallett | Model for the End of the Universe | Vicki Hallett's Bandcamp page:

  1. Circular Motion - Big Crunch | 3:19
  2. Big Freeze - Heat Death | 1:45
  3. Multiverse - False Vacuum | 3:44
  4. Singularity - Big Rip | 5:12

Karlheinz Stockhausen | IN FREUNDSCHAFT | Kathinka Pasveer (flute) | Stockhausen Complete Edition volume 28 (Kathinka Pasveer plays nine compositions for flute, piccolo-flute and alto-flute) | Stockhausen online CD store | 14:47

As always, you can check out the blog if you would like to read more about tonight's show and the music that was played.



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