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After Julia: Cat Hope talks about women, power and music on The Sound Barrier!

The Sound Barrier : Playlist for Sunday 2 July 2017

Artist | Track/Song Name | Album Title | Label/Distributor | Comments

All of the composers on tonight's show are part of the After Julia project, commissioned by Cat Hope in collaboration with Decibel New Music Ensemble. The composers' names appear first on the playlist below, followed by the name of the piece. The performers' names follow next (if this is not the composer), then the recording details and, finally, the duration of the piece.

Cat Hope | Miss Fortune X | Decibel New Music Ensemble | Ephemeral Rivers | Hat Hut | 7:07

Andrée Greenwell | Arrows I, II | Decibel New Music Ensemble | recording courtesy ABC | 8:01

Cathy Milliken | Shifrorl | Decibel New Music Ensemble | recording courtesy ABC | 9:23

Kate Moore | Oil Drums | Decibel New Music Ensemble | recording courtesy ABC | 8:27

Thembi Soddell | Repetition Compulsion + Who is to Blame | recording courtesy Thembi Soddell | 6:40 + 5:33

Michaela Davies | Involuntary Strings | Michaela Davies on Soundcloud | 14:42

Laura Jane Lowther | i | Kučka on Bandcamp | 4:30

Gail Priest | Stranglers | Intone – Voice Abstractions | Clan Analogue | 4:42

Cat Hope | Cruel and Usual | Zachary Johnston, Lizzy Welsh (violins); Phoebe Green (viola); Judith Hamman (cello); Samuel Dunscombe (electronics)| Ephemeral Rivers | Hat Hut | 8:03

[Tickets for the Melbourne performance of After Julia are free, but Decibel New Music ask you to RSVP that you are going, and you can do this at After Julia page at Eventbrite].

Remember, you can check out the blog if you would like to read more about the ideas discussed and presented on tonight's show.



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