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Gram the Son of Sam Fangs It this week

Fang It! : Playlist for Thursday 27 July 2017

Artist | Track/Song Name | Album Title | Label/Distributor | Comments

Mudhoney/you got it (Keep it outta my face)/super fuzz big muff/2.48
Iggy pop/dogfood/soldier/1.47

Spinal tap/tonight I'm Gonna rock ya/this is spinal tap/2.38

Cult/Lil' Devil/electric/2.44

Groupie girl movie preview
The belles/melvin/pebbles vol.1/3.22
Melvins/christhammer/a walk with love and death/3.51

Red Kross/jimmy's fantasy/phase shifter/3.46

Ween/mister would you please help my pony/chocolate and cheese/2.55

Cosmic psychos/rip and dig/go the hack/3.17
Lecherous gaze/one fifteen/ one fifteen/3.37
Lecherous gaze/new distortion/zeta reticuli blues/4.00

Power/electric glitter boogie/electric glitter boogie/4.44
Coloured balls/flash/ball power/3.21
The shrine/tripping corpse/bless off/3.12

Acdc/down payment blues/powerage/6.03

Buffalo/sunrise(come my way)/volcanic rock/4.58
Sienna root/tales of independence/a dream of lasting peace/3.39
Kadavar/doomsday machine/abra kadavar/4.47
Mountain dust/evil deeds/nine years/4.25

Ian dury/wake up and make love to me/sex and drugs and rock and roll/4.24
Gogol bordello/american wedding/super taranta!/3.37
madness/one step beyond/one step beyond/3.00
Distillers/the young crazed peeling/sing sing death house/3.16

Hot lunch/monks on the moon/self titled/8.06

Fang It! for Thursday, 27 July 2017

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