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Subterranean Chill chilled sounds with Kit B, Mon 2:00am - 6:00am
The Breakfast Spread your musical alternative with Milo & friends, Mon 6:00am - 9:00am
Deeep Space deep global sounds with Lloyd Briggs, Mon 9:00am - 11:00am
Black Wax groovin' jazz with Adam Rudegeair, Mon 11:00am - 1:00pm


Metal Genesis

** All Ages

20 july Tarot @ The Bendigo Hotel Collingwood

20 July Future Corpse (Album launch) with Grudge, Giant Clam and Good Grief @ The Reverence Hotel Footscray

** 21 July King Parrot @ The Bendigo Hotel Collingwood **All Ages
21 July (evening) King Parrot, Mason, Harlott and Defenestration @ Bendigo Hotel Collingwood

21 July Ironstone//Diamond Foxx//Journals//The Hollow Majors//ChasmTrail @ Me Boogieman Bar Abbotsford

21 July Machine Head @ The Forum Theatre, City

26 July Coffin Carousel with Death of Art and Sarah Eida at Mr Boogie Man Abbotsford

27 July Degrees Of Separation (Single Launch), Riff Raiders, Moonshifter and Eat The Damn Orange @ Last Chance Rock'N'Roll Bar North Melbourne


28 July Tumbleweed @ The Croxton Bandroom Thornbury

29 July Kuntsquad, Murderballs, Hand Of Fear and Slack Attack @ The Tote Hotel Collingwood

2 Aug City Sharps, IDunno, Swamp Donkey and others @ The Vineyard, St Kilda

3 Aug Smoke Stack Rhino, Whoopie Cat, Winter Moon, Swedish Pop Factory @ The Bendigo Hotel Collingwood

4 August Metal Fest with Abramelin, Dreadnaught, Frankenbok, In Malices Wake,
Envenomed , Hollow World, and Headless @ Max Watts City

4 Aug Death By Carrot, Jack Harlon and The Dead Crows, Nibira nad Flying Dutchmen @ Musicman Megastore Bendigo

4 Aug Spawn @ The Tote Hotel Collingwood (Residency every saturday in august)

11 Aug Ion Drive (Album launch), Butterfly and Apparition @ Last Chance Rock'N'Roll Bar North Melbourne

11 August Mi-Sex @ Musicland Fawkner

11 Aug Boom Crash Opera and The Screaming Jets @ The Village Green

16 Aug Thy Art Is Murder, Alpha Wolf, Antagonist AD and Xile @ Karova Lounge Ballarat
17 Aug Thy Art Is Murder, Alpha Wolf, Antagonist AD and Xile @ Barwon Club Geelong
and 18 Aug @ The Pelly Bar Frankston

August 17 Ablaze @ Musicman Megastore, Bendigo

17 Aug Drunk Mums @ The Bendigo Hotel Collingwood

17 Aug Make Them Suffer @ Northcote Social Club Northcote

17 Aug Stryper @ Max Watts, City

17 Aug Hammers @ The Tote Hotel Collingwood

18 Aug Metal Fetish, Mason, Hidden Intent, Trigger, Toxicon, Nucleust, Intercrannial Tremors, Fall & Resist and Level H @ The Bendigo Hotel Collingwood


24 Aug Palace of the King, The Dead Lips and Riff Raiders @ The Cherry Bar, City

24 Aug Boris The Blade and I Valiance @ The Evelyn Hotel Fitzroy

August 24 Ablaze @ : Rockstar Bar, Frankston

25 August, Dark Cell, London, Nerve, Sirus, Flat-Liner, Coffin Carousel, White Devil Detroit, Black Alpine, Spaulding, Mass Rejection @ The Bendigo Hotel Collingwood

25 Aug Andrew WK @ Corner Hotel Richmond

30 Aug Ace Frehley and Gene Simmons @ Festival Hall Melb.

31 Aug Dead City Ruins @ Northcote Social Club Northcote

1 Sept Solstafir and Enslaved @ Max Watts, City

2 Sept Moose Blood @ Corner Hotel Richmond
*3 Sept Moose Blood @ Arrow On Swanston, City AA

6 Sept Satyricon and Deadspace @ Max Watts City

Sep 7 Ablaze @ Mojo's Pool Hall, Ballarat

7 Sept Queens of The Stone Age and CW Stoneking @ Margaret Court Arena City

8 Sept Hell On The Bay - Hybrid Nightmarea, Whoretopsy and more. Central Pier Docklands

15 Sept Lagerstein, Dead City Ruins, Rick Dangerous and the Silkie Bantams, The Bottlers, CATALANO & More! @ Wax Watts City

22 Sept Lord, Vanishing Point, Alarum, In Malices Wake, Damnations Day, Monolith, Abraxxas and Immorium @ Max Watts City

22 Sept Intervals and Polyphia @ The Corner Hotel Richmond

26 Sept Scott Ian spoken word tour @ Goldfields Theatre, Southwharf

Sept 28 (SOLD OUT) and
Sept 29 Power Trip @ The Bendigo Hotel Collingwood

16 Oct Dimmu Borgir @ 170 Russell City
17 Oct Dimmu Borgir @ 170 Russell City SOLD OUT

19 Oct Skid Row @ Prince Bandroom St Kilda

19 Oct Monoliyth Vexation & Replacement Busses @ Mr Boogieman Bar Abbotsford

19 Oct Bruce Dickinson Talking tour @ The Palais Theatre St Kilda

20 Oct Cold Red Mute, Vendetta, Mass Rejection, Demonic Cowboys @ Black Hatt Geelong

20 Oct Trophy Eyes @ The Forum Theatre City

25 Oct The Sword @ Max Watts City

26 Oct Black Majesty (album launch), Ion Drive and Envenomed @ The Evelyn Hotel Fitzroy

26 Oct The Angels @ Commercial Hotel South Morang
27 Oct The Angels @ Macs Hotel Melton

Oct 27 Temtris @ Bendigo Hotel Collingwood

Oct 31 Naberus Tour- Colour and Shade, Amberyse, To Octavia, and Steadfast @ The Workers Club Fitzroy

Nov 8 Scorpions and Def Leppard @ Rod Laver Arena, City

Nov 8 Conan and Bell Witch @ Max Watts, City

Nov 9 Fozzy @ Max Watts, City

16 Nov Primal Fear and Sinner @ Max Watts City

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