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jumpin the blues

Jumpin' the Blues : Playlist for Wednesday 31 January 2018

Artist | Track/Song Name | Album Title | Label/Distributor | Comments

jay mcshann - jumpin the blues

albert king - crosscut saw

alabama mike - something on my mind

duke robillard - my heart is crying

barrelhouse chuck - red river rumba

texas tornados - who were you thinking of

prado blues band - those lonely nights

ricky allen - you'd better be sure

bo diddley - gonna tell it like it is

bo diddley - road runner

the radio kings - kill me

chuck willis - i fell so bad

paul delay - say what you mean, baby

charlie musselwhite - when it rains it pours

roosevelt sykes - blues n' boogie

big jon atkinson - left my happy home

terry harmonica bean - catfish blues

little junior parker - sitting' at the bar

jimmy reed - big boss man

jimmy reed - baby what you want me to do

lowell fulson - have you changed your mind

ben rogers instrumental asylum - 55 custom line

jimmy mccracklin- in the alley

jimmy mccracklin - after hours

del thorne and her trio - goof train

texas guitar slim - crazie babie

albert king - as the years go passing by

chris kenner - grandma's house

classic ballou - crowley stroll

lester robertson - my girl across town

barrelhouse chuck - hot & heavy

barrelhouse chuck - time is tight

Jumpin' the Blues for Wednesday, 31 January 2018

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