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The Breakfast Spread for Monday, 5 March 2018

The Breakfast Spread : Program Audio for Monday 5 March 2018

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The Breakfast Spread : Playlist for Monday, 5 March 2018

Sarah Ow comes in for the first Free for All of the year and we chat to Chelsea Wilson about the Brunswick Music Festival

Artist | Track/Song Name | Album Title | Label/Distibutor | Comments

Boards Of Canada | Olson | Music Has The Right To The Children
The Still | The Decent | The Still
Duke Ellington | In A Sentimental Mood | The Essential Duke Ellington
Tulalah | The Question | The Question (Twilight Sounds)
All Our Exes Live In Texas | Eventually | Eventually (single)

Archie Roach | Let Love Rule | Let Love Rule
Air | Run | Talkie Walkie

Aldous Harding | Horizon | Party
Spike Vincent | I Like You | Single

Ras G | Alkebulan | Brotha From Anotha Planet
Melbourne Ska Orchestra | Time To Wake Up | Melbourne Ska Orchestra
Horace Andy | Show and Tell | Pirates Choice

Jaala | Horn | Joonya Spirit
Mr Big Stuff | Jean Knight | Mr Big Stuff

7:00am NEWS

Boadi | AwoMaa | AwoMaa (EP)
Drmngnow | Australia Does Not Exist | Australia Does Not Exist (single)
Fatima | Biggest Joke Of All | Still Dreaming

Ajak Kwai and Lamine Sonko | Sudana | Sudana (single)
The Meltdown | Crooked Country | The Meltdown
Ibeyi | Away | Ash

7:30am NEWS

Susso | Bani | Susso
Surprise Chef | Stuarts Little Car | D.A Stab Wound/Stuart Little's Car 7"
The Senegambian Jazz Band | Africa | The Senegambian Jazz Band

Bushman | Conquering Lion | Conquering Lion
Bushman | How You Living | Conquering Lion

8:00am NEWS
*Free For All with Sarah O*

Ubik | Sleep | Self Titled EP
Lost Talk | Cheap Crimes live at yah yahs | Single
Nasho | Candid Streets | Demo

Two Steps On The Water | Cold Winter | …in a shed doing ASBESTOS we can
Dianas | Cruelty | Cruelty-Origami Single

8:30am NEWS

The Public Opinion Afro Orchestra | Future Africa | Do Anything Go Anywhere

*Interview with Chelsea Wilson from Brunswick Music Festival*

Dayme | La Rumba me | Cubafonia
Jojo Abot | Divine Feminine | NGWUNKULUNKULU

Hypnotic Brass Ensemble | Brass In Africa | Hypnotic Brass Ensemble
Grace Barbe | Afro Sega | Afro Saga

Check out the full Brunswick Music Festival Program on their website



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