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Opalakia with Dash

Opalakia for Tuesday 8 May 2018

This week for a chat and guest mix we've got Dash!

Promoter, DJ and Producer Dash O'Brien runs the parties; 'Disco Africa' (Afro Disco, Afro Funk, Afrobeat & Highlife), Treasure Islands (Tropicalia, Exotica, Island Music & Ambient/Oddities), Digger's Anthems (Rare Groove Soul & Funk) ...and also partners up with Melbourne/PBS favorites Doc Popalotacorn & Simon Laxton on; 'The Nitty Gritty' (Popcorn, Deep Soul & Rockin' Rhythm & Blues).

Hailing from Liverpool (UK) originally, Dash cut his teeth working in the UK music industry for Cream, Chibuku, Skiddle & Virgin -before creating his own DJ/events/music supervision and licensing agency 'Beatbox'.

He has been a professional DJ for over 17 years and has helped to run a few record stores in his time, these influences helped Dash grow his music tastes, knowledge and loves. He now works with Crown Ruler/Freedom Time, Vinyl Space (Collingwood) & Volunteers here at our very own PBS!

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