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The Sound Barrier previews Metropolis 2018

The Sound Barrier for Sunday 15 April 2018

As this year's Metropolis New Music Festival approaches, it will be fantastic to once again celebrate, on The Sound Barrier, Melbourne's most prominent annual showcasing of new music.

It's going to be an exciting festival this year and some of its most sensational performers, and music by some of its most exciting composers, will be featuring on this weekend's edition of the show.

Joining me to chat about their parts in the festival will be percussionist Kaylie Melville, from Rubiks Collective, who will be bringing an extraordinary song cycle for soprano, ensemble and electronics, Wave + Lines, by Gemma Peacocke, to this year's festival; as well as trumpeters Marco Blaauw and Tristram Williams, to talk about Elision's astounding concert of new works, by Australian and international composers, If the Gods Came Down to Earth Dressed as Cowboys including a brand new piece composed for Elision by Liza Lim.

Marco Blaauw is widely recognised as now the world's leading interpreter of the trumpet music of Karlheinz Stockhausen, and with Tristram Williams similarly renowned for his performances of Stockhausen's music, and especially for his championship of it in Australia, I will also be talking with both of them about their relationship with that incredible part of the trumpet repertoire.

I'll also be including in the show music by this year's festival composer-in-focus, Unsuk Chin, whose work in both electronic and acoustic territory continues to win her prizes and recognition throughout the world.

I hope you can join me for all this, this Sunday at 10 PM (AEST), or whenever that is wherever you are. You can tune in locally in and around Melbourne on PBS 106.7 FM or on PBS Digital, or can log in from anywhere in the world via the PBS app or online. The show is also available as an audio archive, here on the website, shortly after it has gone live to air.

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