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Southern Style: Tuesday, 5 December 2017

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Southern Style 5/12/17 - Spotlight on Japanese Bluegrass

1. Katsuyuki Miyazaki/Big Country/Man-O-Mandolin (Red Clay)
2. The Bluegrass 45/Raise a ruckus/Once again from Kobe, Japan
3. Tokyo Bluegrass Honeys/Don’t laugh/Petty Booka
4. The Pilot Mountain Bobcats/Lucy Neal/Dance by the light of the moon
5. The Pilot Mountain Bobcats/White horse breakdown/Dance by the light of the moon
6. James king/Crazy Heart/Lonesome & Then Some (Rounder)
7. Larry Sparks/Kentucky Moon/The coldest part of winter (Rebel)
8. Mike Barnett/Fiddle Patch/Portraits in Fiddles (Compass)
9. Nakashima Sisters/Sunny side of my life/Separate Times
10. Kazuhiro Inaga/8 More miles to Louisville/Goin’ Across the sea (HH)
11. Akira Otsuka/Node 18 conversion/First Teat (Patuxent)
12. Bela Fleck & Abigail Washburn/Bloomin’Rose/Echo in the Valley (Rounder)
13. Greg Jowaisas/Harlan County Farewell Tune/Old-Time banjo pieces
14. Spencer & Raines/Long summer days/The Old Texas Fiddle Vol. 11.
15. Mark Woolbright/The man who wrote home sweet home never was a married man/The North Carolina Banjo Collection(Rounder)
16. Bill Bourne/Slidin’Delta/Farmer, Philanthropist & Musician
17. Old Man Leudecke/Kingdom come/Tender is the night
18. Annie Lou/In the country/Tried & true
19. Sushi & Gravy/Nanny Goat/The last frontier
20. The Bluegrass 45/I wonder where you are tonight/Once again from Kobe, Japan
21. Pete Denahy & Hiroki Maeta/Shady Grove/Hiroshima Jam Session
22. The Pipis/It’ll be all right
23. The Pipis/Walking slow behind you/With a spade
24. Canaan’s Crossing/give me a song to sing/Canaan’s Crossing
25. Ethel Caffie-Austin/Listen to the lambs/Seedtime on the Cumberland - 1990-91 (June Appal)
26. The Bankester Family/Gospel plow/Somewhere in between
27. Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver/Give them a lift/Only God
28. J.P. Frailty & Betty Vornbrock/Windw of Shiloh/Side by side
29. The Mitsuya Clan/Kitten on the keys/Y’all come back an see us, y’hear
30. Japanese Bluegrass Band/end of the line/Japanese Bluegrass Band
31 The Magnolia Sisters/‘tit Mamou/Chers Amis (Rounder)
32. Katsuyuki Miyazaki/Go n=hither, go yonder/Mandoscape


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