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Mixing Up The Medicine: Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Playlist: #169- Umtandaso

Artist | Track/Song Name | Album Title | Label/Distributor | Comments

Flower Travelling Band- Satori part 2

Edzayawa- Amanehun (Projection One)
African Brothers Band- Kyeremirekuku (D.K)
Casper Shiki & his Guitar- Umtandaso/Zulu Guitar Jive (Travelling With My Portable Electric Phonograph vol1)

Shirley Ann Lee- Stop Look and Listen (Songs of Light)
The Johnston Spiritual Singers- Running for Jesus (Don't Let the Devil Ride)
Bo Diddley- Say You Will (Bo Diddley's An Outlaw)
Tav Falco's Panther Burns- Blind Man (Behind the Magnolia Curtain)

Frut of the Loom- One Hand In the Darkness
The Perils- Hate
FeeBeez- Season Comes

The Fall- Cruisers Creek (This Nation's Saving Grace)
Swell Maps- Helicopter Spies (Jane From Occupied Europe)
Vivien Goldman/the Flying Lizards- Her Story (Resolutionary)
Royal Trucks- Hot and Cold Skulls (S/T)

Mollusc- track one (EP)
Civic- Street Machine Dream (New Vietnam)
Rabid Dogs- Hangin' Around

Batrider- Legs (Tara)
Batrider- Ha Ha (Why We Can't Be Together)
Hot Topic- Manners (S/T)
Straight Arrows- Out and Down (7")
Suss Cunts- Temper

Bitch Diesel- Red Love Witch
TV Haze- Maple Leaves (Circle the Sun)
LOOBS- Anyone You Know
Tom Lyngcoln- Circling the Years (Doming Home)