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Fiesta Jazz: Saturday, 9 December 2017

Artist | Track/Song Name | Album Title | Label/Distributor | Comments

Ron Francis Blake|La LLave (Zambiando)|Assimilation|HSH

Hilario Durán|Danzón Farewell (Danzón De La Partida)|Contumbao|ALMA

Oscar Hernandez & Alma Libre|Timeshift|The Art of Latin Jazz|Origin Records

Curtis Brothers Quartet|Bebop|Syzygy|Thruth Revolution Records

Dajubilus|A Night In Tunisia|Loving You|Independent

Steve Khan|Latin Genetics|Backlog|Tone Center

Mistura Fina|Centro Habana|A Little Bit Of This And A Little Bit Of That|Independent

Ben Sher|Tempestade|Tempestade|BGI Records

Mauricio Zottarelli|Samba Pra Mi|Upside Down Looking Up|Independent

Eugene Marlow's Heritage Ensemble|Arco's Arc|Obrigado Brasil!|MEII Enterprices

Antonio Adolfo|Deluge|Hybrido - From Rio To Wayne Shorter|AAM

Roger Davidson Trio With Hendrik Meurkens|September Samba|Oração Para Amanhã/Prayer For
Tomorrow|Sound Brush Records

Eliane Elias|Coisa Feita|Dance Of Time|Concord Records

Ignacio Berroa|Negro De Sociedad|Straight Ahead From Havana|Independent

Ruben Blades With Roberto Delgado Orchestra|El Pasado No Perdona|Salsa Big

Isidro Infante|No vale la pena|Cuba & Puerto Rico "Un abrazo Musical Salsero"|Bis Music/Visión Musical VYT

Diego Guerrero|Malos Tiempos|Vengo Caminando|Independent

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