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Babylon Burning: Saturday, 22 March 2014

Playlist: I'm Living

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A shortened show due to a PBS live broadcast from the Twilight Sounds concert. Focusing on local reggae, with new music from Larry Maluma, Ras Jahknow, SK Simeon, and the new Mista Savona riddim "I'm Living".

RASTA UNITY - Global Warning (Global Warning: Jah Wise Records)
RASTA UNITY - Global Dub (Global Warning: Jah Wise Records)
FYAH WALK - Grave Vine (Spirit Fyah: Roots-tree and Stream)
EL MOTH - Routine Life (Life's A Ride: El Moth)
ECHO DRAMA - Smoke (Bury The Weapons: Echo Drama)
RAS JAHKNOW - Let's Unite (Ras Jahknow)
LARRY MALUMA - Seed (Ndakondwa (I'm Happy): Safari)
CORNEL CAMPBELL & BURRO BANTON - Pressure (Living riddim: Savona Records)
ILLEMENTS - Jah Is Always There (Living riddim: Savona Records)
PRINCE ALLA - Addis A Baba (Living riddim: Savona Records)
SIZZLA - I'm Living (Living riddim: Savona Records)
PINCHERS - Guide Me Oh Jah (Living riddim: Savona Records)
MISTA SAVONA - I'm Living riddim (Living riddim: Savona Records)
SK SIMEON - Run Tings (Digidance: King Toppa)
SK SIMEON - Dance Haffi Gwaan (Digidance: King Toppa)
NARAM - Gizmo Riddim (March of the Gremlins: Jahtari)
JESSE I & AGENT 86 - Blazing Fire (Chopshop)

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