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Radio City: Thursday, 10 August 2017

Playlist: Show #202!

Artist | Track/Song Name | Album Title | Label/Distributor | Comments

Opening Theme: Eilen Jewell | Radio City | Queen Of The Minor Key

1. Barrabas | Wild Safari | Wild Safari
- Taken from their debut album in 1971 and has just been reissued as a 12" single with another of their best known songs, Woman.
2. Black Brothers | Saman Doye | Those Shocking Shaking Days (Indonesian Hard, Psychedelic, Progressive Rock And Funk 1970-78) [Compilation]
- A wonderful funky rock tune by this West Papuan group from the 1970s. This compilation is worth checking out!
3. Tamil Rogeon | Early Evening [Feat. Krystle Warren] | 24 Hours In Lapa
- Tamil is a composer, producer and violinist who released this album earlier in the year.
4. Lance Ferguson | Yoshiko's Theme | Raw Material
- This is taken from Lance's first album under his own name. It's a concept album where he wrote and produced 12 original recordings which he gave to producers around the world who were able to sample them however they liked to create a new track. The album consists of one disc of the original tracks and one of the newly sample tracks. This one is from the former.

5. Stereolab | Metronomic Underground | Emperor Tomato Ketchup
- Taken from this English/French band's excellent 4th album, released in 1996.
6. Sand Pebbles | Desire Lines | Pleasure Maps
- This is from the Melbourne band's 6th album and first in 6 years. It will be released tomorrow and celebrated with an in-store performance at Polyester Records in Brunswick St tomorrow night. There will be another in-store at Basement Discs on Aug 25th and the album launch is on Aug 26th @ The Spotted Mallard w/Amaya Laucirica.
7. Black Cab | White Lines | 明 [Akira]
- This album is their alternative soundtrack to the classic 1988 Japanese animated film. The Melbourne launch is on Aug 18th @ Howler w/Toshi Sakamoto + Simona.
8. Tangerine Dream | Betrayal (Sorcerer Theme) | Sorcerer [Soundtrack]
- The Black Cab tune reminded me so much of Tangerine Dream so I thought I'd play this piece from their score to the 1977 William Friedkin film.

9. Cam Butler | Find Your Love | Find Your Love
- This is from the latest album by this guitarist extraordinaire. It's all instrumental and was recorded with a 14 piece string orchestra and a live band. The album launch will be with a fifteen piece band including a 10 piece string orchestra and will be at the Richmond Theatrette on Sept 2nd with support from Miles Brown.
10. This Is The Kit | Moonshine Freeze | Moonshine Freeze
- Taken from the recently released 4th album by British musician Kate Stables.
11. Trouble | Snake Eyes | Twin Peaks (Music From The Limited Event Series) [Soundtrack]
- This band features David Lynch's son Riley on guitar and is featured in episode 5 of the new series. The soundtrack album gets released on Sept 8th.
12. Morphine | Thursday | Cure For Pain
The Trouble song reminded me heaps of Morphine so I thought I'd play this great tune from 1993.

13. Bully | Feel The Same | Losing
- This is the first single from Bully's 2nd album, to be released on Oct 20th.
14. Love Of Diagrams | Blast | Blast
- This is from the Melbourne band's 4th album, released in 2015. I hadn't listened to it in a while but it worked so well after Bully, that I had to play it!
15. Angel Olsen | Give It Up | My Woman
- I still can't get enough of this wonderful album from 2016.
16. Liz Phair | Never Said | Exile In Guyville
- I've been listening to this wonderful debut album a fair bit lately so it had to get an airing on the show at some stage.
17. Jen Cloher | Shoegazers | Jen Cloher
- Jen's amazing 4th album gets released tomorrow and is a station feature on PBS this week.

A tribute set to Elvis Presley with the 40th anniversary of his passing occurring next Wednesday.

18. Elvis Presley | That's All Right [Live From The Louisiana Hayride, 1954] | A Boy From Tupelo: The Complete 1953-1955 Recordings
- Taken from a new collection that contains all of Elvis' Sun recordings plus live material.
19. Elvis Presley | Crawfish | King Creole [Soundtrack]
- This is quite a different sound for Elvis and is a duet with Kitty White which appears at the beginning of this 1958 film.
20. Elvis Presley | Gentle On My Mind | From Elvis In Memphis
- This song was originally made famous by Glen Campbell who sadly passed away on Aug 8th, aged 81.
21. Elvis Presley | Patch It Up [Live] | That's The Way It Is
- From the soundtrack to his 1970 concert film capturing some of his early Las Vegas concerts.

22. Neil Young | Hitchhiker | Hitchhiker
- This is the first single from a new Neil Young Archives album, to be released on Sept 8th. The album is all solo and acoustic and was recorded in one night in August 1976. Many of the songs appeared on later albums including this one which appeared on the 2010 album Le Noise.
23. Anna Smyrk | Barefoot Shuffle | Song Of The Silver-Tongued Magpie
- From Anna's latest EP which she will be launching at Bar 303 in Northcote on Aug 26th w/19th Century Strongmen + Jane McCarthur.
24. Marlon Williams | Vampire Again | Single
- This is Marlon's new single which was released yesterday. He will be playing in Melbourne @ Howler on Nov 16th.

Closing Theme: Ashley Davies | To Carpentaria - Into The Unknown | The Expedition Burke & Wills

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