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The Sound Barrier: Sunday, 11 June 2017

Artist | Track/Song Name | Album Title | Label/Distributor | Comments

As usual, composers are listed first on tonight's list, and then the name of the piece, followed by the names of the performers. Album title (where applicable) and release details then follow, and then the duration of the piece at the end.

Iskender Ozan Toprak | For Friendship | Iskender Ozan Toprak (topus); Ben Opie (oboe) | live performance at PBS | 3:23

Ben Opie and Iskender Ozan Toprak talk about their upcoming collaboration

Traditional | Tuireamh Mhic Fhinín Dhuibh | Matthew Horsley (uilleann pipes); Elliot Folvig (electric guitar) | Australian Waters | Matthew Horsley online | 4:02

Matthew Horsley | Spaces Without | Matthew Horsley (uilleann pipes) | private recording courtesy Matthew Horsley | 5:44

Karlheinz Stockhausen | TELEMUSIK | Karlheinz Stockhausen | Stockhausen Complete Edition volume 9 (MIKROPHONIE I; MIKROPHONIE II; TELEMUSIK) | Stockhausen online CD store | 17:30

Vicki Hallett | Elephant Song | Vicki Hallett (clarinets and field recordings) | Elephant Trail | Vicki Hallett's Bandcamp page | 5:12

Interview with Vicki Hallett

Vicki Hallett | Model for the End of the Universe | Vicki Hallett's Bandcamp page:

  1. Circular Motion - Big Crunch | 3:19
  2. Big Freeze - Heat Death | 1:45
  3. Multiverse - False Vacuum | 3:44
  4. Singularity - Big Rip | 5:12

Karlheinz Stockhausen | IN FREUNDSCHAFT | Kathinka Pasveer (flute) | Stockhausen Complete Edition volume 28 (Kathinka Pasveer plays nine compositions for flute, piccolo-flute and alto-flute) | Stockhausen online CD store | 14:47

As always, you can check out the blog if you would like to read more about tonight's show and the music that was played.

Peoples, species, cultures and friendships: music connection on The Sound Barrier!

Coming up this weekend on The Sound Barrier I will be presenting music that celebrates the connections humans form with each other, across continents, across time, even across species - music that enables us to connect and celebrate the diversity that is not only important to us, but part of us.

First up, I will be chatting with local musicians, oboist Ben Opie and bağlama virtuoso Iskender Ozan Toprak about their upcoming collaboration that brings together the musical worlds of Western classicism and ancient Turkey. They will perform some live music in the studio and, as well as our chat, I'll be playing some music from their third collaborator, local Uilleann piper, Matthew Horsley. It will be an opportunity to think a little about, and to hear a little of, music's stunning capacity to embrace cultural diversity.

Then we will be spending some time with Geelong-based sound artist and clarinettist, Vicki Hallett, who will be talking about her work with natural environments both locally and from afar, including the intensely absorbing Elephant Listening Project, from which we will hear some of her deeply connected and richly layered musical conversations with endangered African elephants. AS well as talking with Vicki we will also hear her realisations of the graphic scores of Michaela Gleave's Model for the End of the Universe, which paints scenarios for the end of the universe and of our connection with everything.

The whole notion of musical connection with diverse places, peoples and times is one that was celebrated spectacularly in Karlheinz Stockhausen's 1966 electronic work, TELEMUSIK, in which sounds from world cultures come together, shaping one another in extraordinary ways, such as where the pulses of one music are layered onto the melody of another, or where ring modulation techniques are used to intermodulate the harmonies of different musical fragments into a new sound that reflects the sums and differences of both.

As well as TELEMUSIK, I will also be playing Stockhausen's exquisitely beautiful solo piece, IN FREUNDSCHAFT ('In Friendship'), in its solo flute version, not only as a tribute to the whole notion of friendship between people and cultures and species that is the focus of the first half of the show, but also in thanks to flautist Kathinka Pasveer, who performs the piece and, as well as being co-director of the Stockhausen Foundation, will also be celebrating her birthday as this weekend's edition of the show goes to air.

I hope you will be able to tune in or log on to this week's The Sound Barrier, in any of the myriad ways in which you can listen live locally or anywhere: on 106.7 PBS FM, on PBS digital radio, via the PBS app or online. The show is also available to listen back to as an audio stream shortly after it has gone live to air.

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