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The Sound Barrier: Sunday, 18 June 2017

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All of tonight's music is by Jim Denley. In each case the playlist lists the name of the piece first, and then the performers. The name of the album then follows, with its release details and, finally, the duration.

A Departure | Jim Denley (flutes); Magda Mayas (clavinet) | Tempe Jetz | Relative Pitch Records | 4:40

Interview with Jim Denley (Part 1)

In Transit | Jim Denley (flutes); Magda Mayas (clavinet) | Tempe Jetz | Relative Pitch Records | 9:01

Interview with Jim Denley (Part 2)

Airstrip | Splinter Orchestra | Mungo | Splitrec | 38:44

Interview with Jim Denley (Part 3)

Cut Air | Jim Denley (prepared bass flute) | Cut Air | Sofa Music | 19:16

Don't forget to check out the blog if you would like to read more about the music played on tonight's show!

Music and place - Jim Denley collaborates with environment on The Sound Barrier!

Over the past few weeks on The Sound Barrier I have been exploring the different ways in which music enables connection: connection with one another, connection across cultures and space, and connection with the environment. On this weekend's show my guest will be one of Australia's most thoughtful collaborators with the environment: Jim Denley.

Jim's compositional and performance history is a rich one through which a common thread of musical humility and respect for place weaves constantly. He often credits the rocks, the animals, the flora, the buildings, the things, around him as the principle musicians in his work.

All of Sunday night's show will be devoted to his music, and to my chat with him that I recorded during his recent visit to Melbourne.

I will be featuring three new recordings that showcase Jim's work as collaborator and soloist, with major pieces from The Splinter Orchestra's collective improvisation with Mungo National Park in south-western New South Wales, as well as from his solo meditation on the shapeless shapes of sound, Cut Air for prepared bass flute.

Together with these two major works, I will also be featuring selections from his collaboration with Magda Mayas, Tempe Jetz, which hones in on the conjunction between decay and construction, between the margins and the glitter, between vitality and mould, in the music's interactions with an abandoned sports club on the edge of Sydney.

I hope that you are able to join me this Sunday night on PBS radio, or online, at 10.00 PM (AEST) for two hours with this extraordinary Australian musician. You can listen locally at 106.7 on Melbourne's FM band or on PBS digital radio, or from anywhere in the world, live online or via the PBS app. The show is also available as an audio stream shortly after it has one to air.

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