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The Sound Barrier: Sunday, 25 June 2017

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Tonight's playlist lists the names of the performers first. If there is also a separate composer, that name follows next, and then the name of the piece. Details of the album, with its name and release details are next, and lastly the duration of the piece.

Ten Thousand Year Orbit (Nat Grant (percussion and electronics); James Hullick (guitar and voice)) | Second of Arc | Ten Thousand Year Orbit on Soundcloud | 6:39

Interview with James Hullick, talking about Ten Thousand Year Orbit and their upcoming gig at La Mama Musica

Ten Thousand Year Orbit (Nat Grant (percussion and electronics); James Hullick (guitar and voice)) | Halfway from Pluto | Ten Thousand Year Orbit on Soundcloud | 9:35

Ten Thousand Year Orbit (Nat Grant (percussion and electronics); James Hullick (guitar and voice)) | Da Da Di Doe | Ten Thousand Year Orbit on Soundcloud | 6:03

zeitkratzer + Keiji Haino | Karlheinz Stockhausen | VERBINDUNG | STOCKHAUSEN: AUS DEN SIEBEN TAGEN | Karlrecords | 9:18

Interview with Aviva Endean, talking about Quiver and their upcoming launch of Small Worlds in Melbourne.

Quiver (Aviva Endean (clarinets); Jon Heilbron (double bass); Rebecca Lane (flutes); Matthias Schack-Arnott (percussion) with guests Alex Garsden (guitar); Chris Heenan (contrabass clarinet)) | Werner Dafeldecker | Small Worlds | Small Worlds | Tone List | 42:04

Don't forget to check out the blog to read more about tonight's music and the ideas explored in the show!

Connection on The Sound Barrier: with Nat Grant, James Hullick, and Aviva Endean!

Connection has been a bit of an ongoing theme over the past few episodes of The Sound Barrier, and this weekend I will be bringing you yet another perspective on it, with a show that brings together two different ways of thinking about what it means to be connected.

In the first half of the show I will be talking with local musicians Nat Grant and James Hullick about their new duo project Ten Thousand Year Orbit, which they describe as 'two orbital bodies, face to face in gravitational rotation'. You can see them live this coming Monday night at La Mama Courthouse, but on Sunday night's show I'll be talking with them about their work and giving you some teasers of how this imaginative and adventurous pair bring their explorative sounds of percussion, voice, guitar, and electronics together across the vastness of the sonic universe.

In the second half of the show I'll be playing you a new interpretation of Werner Dafeldecker's graphic score of structured improvisation, Small Worlds, about to be released on new Perth-based label for exploratory music Tone List. Recorded in Berlin by mostly-Melbourne-based ensemble Quiver, their performance is deeply immersive with its shifting blends of colour and dynamics as different configurations of the ensemble's six performers connect and dissipate throughout the piece. Along with listening to the recording, I will also be chatting with Quiver's clarinettist, composer and improviser, Aviva Endean, who will be launching the album with her Quiver colleagues in Perth, Melbourne and Berlin over the next few weeks.

So what connects these different types of connection – the gravitational hold of two bodies in orbit, and the changing configurations of a sextet? Karlheinz Stockhausen of course! So in between these two halves of the show I will be playing you an interpretation of Stockhausen's VERBINDUNG ('Connection') from his set of intuitive works FROM THE SEVEN DAYS, in a stunning and deeply thoughtful performance by German-based avant-garde ensemble Zeitkratzer, joined by Japan's experimental music hero Keiji Haino. Based on a text that calls for musicians to play vibrations in the rhythms of their body, their heart, their breathing, their thinking, their intuition, their enlightenment, and the universe, VERBINDUNG is a profound reminder of just how many ways there are of being connected.

So I hope you can join me this Sunday night at 10.00 PM (AEST) on The Sound Barrier on Melbourne's PBS 106.7 FM. You can tune in locally and via PBS digital radio, or listen live from anywhere in the world via the PBS app or online. The show is also available here on the website, as an audio stream, shortly after it has gone live to air.

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