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The Sound Barrier: Sunday, 10 September 2017

Artist | Track/Song Name | Album Title | Label/Distributor | Comments

As is usually the case, tonight's playlist lists the composer/improviser first, followed by the name of the piece and then then names of the performers. Details of the album and recording follow and then finally the duration.

Psithurism Trio and Xavier Charles | Panus Lecomtei | John Porter (tenor saxophone); Rhys Butler (alto saxophone); Richard Johnson (soprano saxophone, bass clarinet, and bird-calls); Xavier Charles (clarinet) | Lure | SoundOut Recordings | 19:07

Sam McAuliffe | Dreaming Pt 1 | Sam McAuliffe (guitars) | Leave Your Eyes | Bandcamp Release | 6:54

OBA | Baya Del Chorus | Jordan Obarzanek | Amygdala | OBA on Soundcloud | 6:06

Unamunos Quorum | Sparks | Anna Fern, Polly Christie, Mark Lewis, Sjaak de Jong (voice) | Limit | F..tloose Records | 7:59

Jim Ottaway | 39.5 Light Years (TRAPPIST-1) | Jim Ottaway | Deep Space Blue | Bandcamp Release | 10:42

Sam McAuliffe | Dreaming Pt 2 | Sam McAuliffe (guitars); Rachael Comte (voice) | Leave Your Eyes | Bandcamp Release | 2:54

Karlheinz Stockhausen | HOCH-ZEITEN für Orchester | Symphony Orchestra of the West German Radio Cologne; Zsolt Nagy (conductor); Karlheinz Stockhausen (musical direction and sound projection) | Stockhausen Complete Edition Volume 73 | Stockhausen online CD store | 34:51

Don't forget to check out the blog if you would like to read more about tonight's music!

While I was away ...

One of the things about being away for a few weeks is that when you come back you get to spend time discovering what people have been doing in your absence. For me, as the presenter of The Sound Barrier, that inevitably means finding out what music people have been creating and this weekend's show is going to bring you a few samples of exactly that.

In the middle of the show will be a bracket of three (relatively) new pieces that in different ways explore the places that sounds have come from, and where they go: we will hear the sounds of faded memories from new Melbourne-based ambient producer OBA; spurts of vocal energy firing out from their spontaneous creation in the here and now into all directions, from Melbourne-based experimental ensemble Unamunos Quorum; and the ambient ease of far-away space, from Queensland's ambient-space composer Jim Ottaway, from his brand-new album Deep Space Blue.

Bracketing that will be some new music from Hobart-based improviser and composer, Sam McAuliffe, whose unflagging interest in exploring sound and its connection to place finds wholly new territory in his brand-new album Leave Your Eyes, on which he collaborates with vocal artist Rachael Comte, and from which I will be playing the opening and closing tracks.

All of that will be bracketed by two very different works: opening the show with the opening track of Lure, the newest release from free-improvisation trio Psithurism, comprising Richard Johnson, John Porter, and Rhys Butler, and exploring music as an organic and inter-subjective space in which things grow unexpectedly.

And I'll be closing with one of two versions (and I'll be playing the second version next week) of Karlheinz Stockhausen's HOCH-ZEITEN, the final scene of his opera SONNTAG aus LICHT. That, too, is somewhat connected with things that happened here, while I was away, but to find out what and how, you will have to join me – tomorrow night 10 PM to midnight (AEST), on PBS, either on your radio (106.7FM in Melbourne or PBS digital radio), your PBS app, or here online. If you miss the show live, it will also be available here as an audio archive shortly after it has gone to air.

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