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Headhunters: Monday, 2 April 2018

Playlist: Headhunters034

Artist | Track/Song Name | Album Title | Label/Distributor | Comments

Fia Fiell / At The First Clear Word / 020 'All In The Same Room' (Nice Music) tape release
MAKI - Title unknown as it is in Japanese!
Menagerie / Evolution / The Arrow of Time - Lance Ferguson's
Steve Spacek / MOV CLSR (feat. Natalie Slade) / MOV CLSR EP/ Eglo Records

Coda Chroma / Circles / Single
London Underground / Learn a Language / Roots of Innovation On U -Sound (15 and X Years On-U Sound)
Meme Girls / Bare Hands / Listen Compilation Vol 3.
Domenico Lancelloti / Asas / Teh Good Is A big God

Clap! Clap! / Ode to the Pleiades (Live Band Version)
Umii / The One / This Time
Tatsuro Yamashita / Sparkle / For You (1982)

Tombolo / O'la / Single
Garden City Movement / Mediterranea / Apollonia
Aaron Taylor / Get Through This
Eddy Grant / Walking On Sunshine / Walking On Sunshine

Au Dre' / End Up Alone / More is More
The Maghreban / Revenge (feat Rutendo Machiridza) / 01IDEAS
Acid Mondays / Universal Rhythm 12' release on R&S Records
James Mason / The Dance of Life / The Dance of Life
Kimiko Kasai / We Can Fall In Love / We Can Fall In Love

Headhunters for Monday, 2 April 2018

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