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The Sound Barrier's World Cup. And it's a 2:2 draw!

I know pretty well nothing about the World Cup. I don't even really know what we're supposed to call the sport that they play at it. Is it football or is it soccer?

Playing with quantum mathematics, and the magic bubbles of Pierre Boulez

Pierre Boulez (1925-2016) is often said to have composed difficult music: music that is difficult to perform, difficult to analyse, and difficult to listen to.

Let there be LICHT!

This week on The Sound Barrier I had the huge privilege of bringing to you an entire show devoted to what is surely one of the greatest achiev

Acoustic space: the poetry of time and light in the spectralism of Gérard Grisey and Kaija Saariaho

The playlist and audio for this edition of the show is available for you to listen back to, as well as check out the details of the recordings

The enduring fragility of Japanese gardens: Ossicle Duo joins The Sound Barrier!

The very notion of 'Japanese gardens' undoubtedly conjures up certain images even for many of us who have never seen or been in any.

Music communicating the messages of place, culture, and time - with music by Naima Fine, Jim Denley, and Liza Lim!

When we think of music connecting us to cultures outside our own, it can sometimes be easy to stop at the obvious: taking on board the aesthetics of this or that musical cultural tradition and thinkin

Feedback and The Larsen Effect: making art out of what wasn't meant to be

On The Sound Barrier, I often quote from John Cage's famous 1937 Credo where he proclaims a fascination in the sounds that are often dismissed as noise – the sound of a truck, static

The duration of the timeless: music of William Basinski and Eliane Radigue on The Sound Barrier!

After the two big and hectic weeks of 2018 PBS Radio Festival, I decided to change pace for t

PBS and The Sound Barrier say thank you for contributing to the Festival Feast!

The latest edition of The Sound Barrier marked the last two hours of the 2018 PBS Radio Festival and, even though those two wild

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