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The Meltdown


by The Meltdown

Feature Records for the week beginning Sun 9 Apr 2017

The Meltdown The Meltdown (PBS Feature Record)

It’s the debut release that we’ve all been waiting for and it has finally arrived. Over the last few years we have been drip fed tastes of the enormous range that this Melbourne band is capable of. From the dazzling Better Days EPs release well over 2 years ago, we've seen them perform effortlessly at a range of well respected music festivals and receive great acclaim for their live sound, their musical capabilities and songwriting. And now with a release on the can’t-go-wrong Hopestreet Recordings label on 7th April, The Meltdown gets to add to their list of great musical successes, their first long player release.

And it is a sweet, sweet reward. This 10 track record weaves in and around a melting pot combination of funk, country, soul, blues, gospel and somehow draws on the strengths of each of those genres during different songs, which makes the album from start to finish a really beautiful, interesting and exciting record to listen to because each song presents its own unique treasure. You’ll find a new favourite track each time you reach for the album. There are crooning vocals, moody rhythms and incredible sax solos. There are upbeat dancers and heartbreaking ballads. 2017 is going to be a great year for The Meltdown. And this record is going to be a staple in your collection for years to come.

Review by Lyndelle Wilkinson (The Afterglow).

Sneaks It's a Myth (Featured on The Breakfast Spread)

It’s A Myth is the follow up to Sneaks aka Eva Moolchan’s debut of last year, Gymnastics. Released through Merge, this record continues to showcase her strong affinity for poetical lyrics and club banger beats. Her music takes it cues from poetic tradition by way of its brevity, with this LP running to just 18 minutes in total. She offers an insight into the state of the gig-going culture in the DIY punk scene in DC with ‘Hair Slick Back’ - Moolchan sneers at the privileged male rockers who already take up space and continue to demand more. The choice to self-produce echoes her commitment to DIY values and tradition. The economy of both her production and lyricism is startling – Moolchan rings so much emotion out of so few raw ingredients.

It’s a record that grows with each listen and leaves you wanting more.

Review by Beth AQ (The Breakfast Spread)

This week's Top 10: 
The Meltdown - The Meltdown
Sneaks - It's a Myth
No Sister/Bitumen - Split CS
Harvey Sutherland and Bermuda - Expectations
Somi - Petite Afrique
Sam Outlaw - Tenderheart
Root Rat - Estranged/Faulty Glamour
Straightjacket Nation - Straightjacket Nation
David Chesworth - 50 Synthesizer Greats
Nattali Rize - Rebel Frequency

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