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Scattered Order

Scattered Order

Wednesday 11 October 2017

Formed in 1979, Scattered Order invented the now familiar DIY aesthetic, establishing M Squared as a platform to release their own music. Moving to Volition label (Severed Heads, Single Gun Theory, Boxcar) in 1984, they continued to release some of this country's most innovative work in sound exploration.

In 1996 they once again decided to control their own musical destiny and set up the Rather be Vinyl label. This return to autonomy allowed them more room to constantly mutate musically. After an extended period of inactivity during the 2000s, Scattered Order have reformed to play a number of shows in Australia and across the world.

Scattered Order join us following the release of their massive 22 track album A Suitcase Full of Snow Globes.

Listen back to Club it to Death for a live set from Scattered Order. Studio 5 Live is proudly brought to you by Mountain Goat.

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