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PBS Supports Marriage Equality

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PBS proudly supports marriage equality. In the lead up to the national survey, we stand with the LGBTIQA+ community and say yes.

PBS has a history of taking a stand on matters related to community radio, however on other issues we tend to let our actions and the music do the talking rather than our words. The decision to treat this issue differently is because it is different: the government is asking all Australians to express an opinion on a single issue. So we are expressing ours: Australia should have marriage equality now.

Unlike many other stations, PBS does not tell its announcers what music to play or what to say and we won’t be doing so now. The station’s support will be through community service announcements and station communication channels. But we do know our people pretty well and we suspect they will be pulling out even better tunes than usual to help us all make it through to the November survey results together. Do listen in.

At this time, we would like to recognize and thank our LGBTIQA+ listeners and our community members who perform, produce, program, publicise and contribute to community radio and Melbourne’s vibrant and diverse music communities. Our love and support goes out to our LGBTIQA+ families and communities.

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